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Custom Software
B2B Bookkeeper

B2B Bookkeeper is a complement to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. The platform focuses on managing accounting documents.


The completed project is an integrated security and infrastructure monitoring system providing comprehensive protection for people, property, and data, as well as ensuring proper operation of objects. The system enables remote monitoring of technical infrastructure, environmental conditions, access control, intrusion and hold-up alarm systems, video surveillance, and fire alarm systems.


The eService platform was created to optimize the management of free-standing multifunctional devices. The system is used to handle service contracts and also allows you to administer the list of devices under the contract as well as the components included in the items.

Logistics, Forwarding
TransIT - Software for forwarders and drivers

TransIT software was prepared to complement the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Two separate parts of the software were created, intended for forwarders (panel available from a web browser) and for drivers (software for mobile devices on the Android platform).

Specialized software
Informatique S&DL

The platform for designing and implementing building structures is a tool for automating structural load calculations and systematizing document flow.

Online payment

The completed project is an online leasing payment platform. It provides a system for submitting and managing leasing applications for online stores that are partners of Leasing Plus.

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