Effective state management in web applications.

What is Redux?

Redux is a JavaScript library that manages application state for both component-based React.js and Angular frameworks. It is a specific extension of the flux architecture - an application architecture pattern whose main feature is a one-way flow of information. It is based on the assumption that each component state is the result of a previous state that was modified by a specific action, which allows easy testing, saving, and restoring of that state.


One of the biggest users of Redux is Facebook, which uses it in its applications such as Instagram and Messenger. Airbnb also uses it in its web application. Another example is Netflix, which uses it to manage the state of its desktop application. Redux is used in projects of companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Uber and Dropbox.

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Main features of the Redux platform

Global Availability

With centralized state management in Redux, data can be easily shared and accessed across different parts of the application.


Thanks to the possibility of integration with middleware (e.g. Redux Thunk, Redux Saga), Redux enables the handling of asynchronous operations in a consistent and predictable manner.


Redux scales well as applications grow because state is centralized and manipulated through specific actions.


State changes are easy to predict and debug, improving code quality and reliability.

Component Independence

Redux promotes the separation of presentational and container components, leading to a cleaner code structure and greater reusability of components.

Predictable Updates

Thanks to the principle of immutability and pure functions, Redux ensures that state updates are predictable, which reduces unexpected side effects.

How do we create web solutions? What is aveneo.SDK and where is Redux in all this?

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