A proven cloud solution from Microsoft. See how Azure helps us build and manage your application.

What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud platform created by Microsoft, offering comprehensive solutions for processing, storing and managing data as well as creating applications in the cloud. Azure provides a wide range of services, including compute, such as virtual machines and serverless capabilities that allow you to flexibly scale your IT resources as needed. Microsoft invests in growing Azure on a global scale, which allows users to deliver their applications and services to different regions around the world, thus minimizing data access delays.


Azure is also developer-friendly, offering integration with popular development tools such as Visual Studio and support for multiple programming languages. The platform is also environmentally friendly as Microsoft invests in sustainable energy and works to reduce CO2 emissions.

One of our .NET/fullstack teams will be available in late Q3 2024!

The main advantages of Azure

Speed ​​and efficiency

Azure delivers high performance with advanced networking technologies and solutions.

Global scalability

Azure has an extensive infrastructure around the world, which enables it to deliver applications and services across continents with minimal delay.

Scaling flexibility

Azure enables dynamic adaptation of IT resources to current needs, which allows for cost savings and effective infrastructure management.

Advanced DevOps tools

Azure DevOps makes it easy to automate development, testing, and deployment processes, which accelerates application delivery.

Container support

Azure supports Docker containers, allowing you to easily deploy and manage containerized applications.


Azure provides advanced security solutions, including access to access management and monitoring tools, and meets various compliance standards.

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