Dedicated software, created with your specific needs in mind. Automate time-consuming processes, integrate data and gain full control over your company.

Struggling with repetitive tasks and inconsistent data? Are you looking for one comprehensive solution? You know how to optimize processes but you lack a tool?

Software creation and development

Dedicated software

Are you looking for software that will perfectly adapt to the specific nature of your company and improve its operation?

Choose dedicated software created with aveneo and get a solution that will perfectly meet the needs of your business.

  • Perfect fit: The functions and appearance of the software take into account the specificity of your business and improve key business processes.
  • Scalability and flexibility: The software grows with your company. You can expand them with new modules at any time.
  • Saving time and money: Process automation and access to personalized tools support work and allow employees to focus on key tasks.
  • Security and control: Dedicated software is designed taking into account the highest security standards. Provides full control over data access, storage and use.

The strength of our Software House is an experienced team of experts who guide you with passion and commitment throughout the entire process - from a thorough analysis of your needs, through consulting and optimization, to the final implementation of dedicated software. We build a solution that not only improves everyday business processes, but becomes an integral part of the company's DNA.


What can you gain by creating dedicated software with our software house?

  • Adapted to your specific needs
  • Easy expansion with new functions
  • Optimization of information flow
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • An innovative solution
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Control over business processes

Who needs dedicated software?

  • Companies that have specific needs and business processes
  • Companies planning dynamic development
  • Companies that strive to optimize and automate current operations
  • Companies that treat dedicated software as an investment that can bring long-term benefits
  • Companies that want to gain a competitive advantage through innovation

Software development steps

  • Defining needs
  • Requirements gathering
  • Sprint planning
  • Implementation
  • Tests
  • Implementation and integration
Do you need dedicated software? Let us do it!

We specialize in these technologies


Platform .NET

The .NET platform from Microsoft is a universal development environment, valued for high performance, scalability and a wealth of libraries. It is an ideal choice for creating solid and fast dedicated applications. Continuous technology development and regular updates with new functions guarantee reliability.



A modular set of development tools that streamlines the creation of personalized software. It stands out for its versatility, ease of integration with other systems and intuitive interface, making it a comprehensive solution for creating highly customized and efficient applications.



A framework for building modern user interfaces. It offers unparalleled flexibility and provides a wide selection of components and libraries. Choosing ReactJS as a framework for creating a user interface is a guarantee of efficiency, reliability and user satisfaction.

Variants of cooperation

New Project

We carefully analyze your needs and together we define functions and requirements. Depending on the cooperation model, we create a detailed technical specification or implement the project in an agile manner. We advise on the selection of appropriate tools and technologies. We work with you at every stage so that you have full control over the project.

Development and maintenance

We offer comprehensive support at every stage of your project's life. Detailed analysis of existing software, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. We define recommendations for further development and optimization. We ensure stability, security and high performance of your existing software.

Migration of an existing solution

We will transfer the existing solution to the .NET platform or modernize it to a more modern .NET Core version. Together, we will develop an optimal migration path, tailored to the specifics of your project. Our experienced developers will help you achieve this goal efficiently and hassle-free.

External process

Cooperation in creating dedicated software, involving our experienced programmers in the software development process in your company. Thanks to close cooperation, our team increases the efficiency and speed of project implementation.

We create dedicated software

Internet applications

We specialize in creating modern web solutions, services and applications in the SaaS model. The provided software is distinguished by a modern and responsive user interface that ensures comfortable use on all devices. We design web applications optimized for speed, while ensuring the scalability of solutions so that they can grow with your business.

Mobile applications

At aveneo we use the same code to create native mobile applications for iOS and Android and desktop applications for Windows, macOS and Linux. As an alternative, we also offer an economical and modern solution in the form of PWA applications (Progressive Web Apps). PWAs combine the best features of web and native applications. This is an ideal solution for companies that are looking for a light and efficient web application-like solution.

Cloud solutions

Our solutions use the power of cloud computing and multi-node data processing. This allows you to ensure high performance by creating dedicated failure-resistant solutions and ensuring continuous access to data and functions. We use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to create intelligent solutions that automate processes, analyze data and generate valuable predictions.

Dedicated vs ready-made

Cost of custom software

Unlike universal solutions, dedicated software is created with the specific needs of your company in mind.

The final cost of software development depends on the scope and complexity of its functionality. A thorough analysis of your business needs is the starting point for a reliable quote.

We offer two cooperation models so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Waterfall: A classic model where, before starting work, we create detailed documentation, a schedule and a binding quote.
  • Agile: Flexible methodology where the work is divided into stages, each of which ends with a working piece of software.


Elements influencing the cost of dedicated software:

  • Scope of functionality
  • Project complexity
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Platform selection
  • Use of non-standard technologies
  • Time limit for completion

First meeting and design workshops

First meeting

1-2 hours
First meeting

let's get to know each other

The first meeting is an excellent opportunity to establish contact and mutual understanding of business goals and methods of operation. On our website we will briefly present our activities and how we can meet your needs.

Let's assess the completeness of needs

During the interview, we will try to determine whether your software requirements are defined precisely enough or whether they need further work from an analytical and conceptual perspective.

Let's assess the scale of the solution

Taking into account your needs, we will determine the initial scale of the project and determine the necessary resources for its implementation. Additionally, we will be able to approximate the time-consuming analysis of the entire solution.

Let's plan the next steps and the event horizon

After the meeting, we will analyze your project and consider possible next steps. Over the next few days, we will present a specific proposal and establish a schedule of activities that will enable the implementation of your project.

Design workshops



We will start by developing a clear vision for the software we intend to create together. For this purpose, we will use the most experienced team members who work based on the design thinking model - from analysts to UI/UX designers.

Construction of an outline of a functional specification

A solid functional specification will be a kind of checklist that will help us achieve our goals. This is also a good starting point for preparing a preliminary project valuation.

Outlining milestones

Dividing the functionality into stages will enable effective budget management and setting time frames for the entire project.

Definition of MVP

We will also select those functionalities that are key from a business perspective to include them in the first functionality validation, i.e. in the minimum version of the project. It will be a kind of fully functional prototype.

Get to know our dedicated solutions and find out how we help companies achieve success!

HoReCa - ordering to your place

The completed project is a comprehensive solution for catering establishments (restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, confectioneries, etc.). The system enables, among others: ordering to the table using QR codes and NFC tags, calling staff, splitting the bill, as well as takeaway and delivery orders. The service is accessed from a web browser, without the need to install the application.

Industry & IoT

The completed project is an intelligent IoT device that automatically sorts and compresses waste. Bin-e uses artificial intelligence to recognize waste and processes data in the cloud, ensuring convenient and easy waste management. Data processing in the cloud allows the profiling of neural networks for specific devices, which in turn increases their effectiveness. Every day, thousands of photos along with metadata are uploaded to the cloud, which feeds samples to train new versions of the network.

Dedicated software is a great choice if:

You have an idea for a unique product or service that requires custom software

Your company operates on sensitive data that requires special protection

Ready-made solutions on the market do not integrate with existing systems in your company

You want to focus on growing your business, not on technical issues

You need software that will work stably and reliably support key business processes

You have many different systems and applications that generate data in different formats

The ready-made solution lacks key functionalities necessary for effective work

License restrictions prevent the software from freely scaling as the company grows

Implementation, support and maintenance, warranty... and what next?

See what the process of implementing, maintaining the solution and transferring copyrights along with the source code looks like.

Are you ready to talk about your project?
  • What can I expect during the first meeting?

    The first meeting is a key moment when fruitful cooperation is initiated. Our priority is to thoroughly understand your business needs, so we will start with a detailed analysis of the specifics of your business, goals and challenges. Then we will present you our proposals, based on many years of experience and extensive expert knowledge. The meeting will also be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and dispel any doubts. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can be sure that the direction you have chosen is in line with your expectations.

  • What information do I need to prepare before the first meeting?

    The first meeting with us is an extremely important stage that determines the further course of the entire process of creating dedicated software.To make the first meeting fruitful, it is worth preparing information about your company, its business goals, functionalities expected from the software, budget and project schedule, as well as about existing systems and integrations. Accurate answers will allow us to create a personalized offer and software perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Do I need to create a project brief before the first meeting?

    Creating a project brief is not necessary, but it can help us understand your needs and prepare for the first meeting. The structure of this document does not have to be formalized. These may be notes, drawings, a list of assumptions or more complex structures. The more information you provide us, the better we will prepare to talk about specifics.

  • How long does the process of creating dedicated software take?

    The duration of the process of creating dedicated software depends on its complexity. Simple applications can be ready in a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months.

  • Do you transfer copyright?

    Although formal transfer of copyright to software is legally impossible, we offer a solution with an almost identical effect - transfer of copyright. In practice, this means that our customers become full owners of the software.Free use of the solution allows you to freely transfer, license and sell the created software, as well as develop it further, adapting it to growing needs.