Dedicated solutions

Dedicated solutions enable companies to achieve a higher level of efficiency and adaptation to specific needs. They are characterized by the fact that they are designed and adapted to the specific requirements of a given company or industry. Thanks to a dedicated approach, companies can optimally use resources, optimize processes and, as a result, increase productivity. However, creating dedicated solutions requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs and advanced technical knowledge.
Tight business processes
Consistent with the DNA of the business
Unlimited integrations
Any functional development
No licensing costs
Full ownership of the solution

Our key approach is to leverage advanced technologies such as .NET Core and React to deliver the highest quality software. Based on the stability, scalability and efficiency of these platforms, we create applications that not only meet customer expectations, but also take their business to a new level. To ensure ease of implementation and maintenance, we deliver our solutions in the form of containers using Docker technology. This ensures that our applications are hermetically sealed in a container environment, ensuring consistency between the various stages of implementation, from the local development environment to production.


Microsoft .NET is widely regarded as one of the best platforms for custom software development, especially in production environments. Its versatility, performance and extensive structure make it an excellent choice for building robust and scalable applications.



aveneo.SDK stands out as the best modular SDK for custom software development due to its outstanding features, versatility and developer-friendly design. Thanks to powerful capabilities and a wide range of modules, Aveneo.SDK offers a comprehensive solution for creating highly customized and efficient applications.



ReactJS has become the leading framework for front-end development, making it a great choice for custom software development in production environments. With numerous advantages and an extensive ecosystem, ReactJS offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and performance for building high-quality front-end applications.

Internet applications

Web applications offer a variety of functionalities, ranging from simple task management tools, through social platforms, to advanced tools for data analysis or group work in real time. Thanks to browser access, users can use these applications on various devices and operating systems, which contributes to increasing their mobility and flexibility.

Access from any platform
Seamless updates
Real-time collaboration
Scalability and reliability

We use advanced technologies, thanks to which we can provide solutions with unrivaled functionality and performance. We place great emphasis on the quality of user interfaces, using the potential of React and Redux to create responsive, interactive and visually attractive applications. Combined with the Next.js platform, our solutions offer optimal user experience and effective traffic handling, which translates into a competitive advantage for our clients. Implementing continuous integration is a key element of our approach. Thanks to it, every change in the code is automatically tested, compiled and deployed to the environment.
.NET Core
.NET Core

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are the foundation of modern interaction and communication. They are a key tool that allows companies and organizations to reach their target audience anywhere and at any time. Regardless of the industry, mobile applications offer versatile opportunities - from strengthening customer relationships through interactive experiences to optimizing internal processes in the company.

Unlimited access
Unrivaled user experience
Access to advanced device functions
Operation without network access

By implementing PWA technology using .NET Core and React, we create mobile applications that combine innovation, performance and accessibility. Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that not only meet their expectations, but also meet the changing needs of the mobile market.

Cloud solutions

We focus on providing clients with advanced and flexible solutions that optimize their operations and enable them to use the full potential of cloud computing.

Access to unlimited computing power
No infrastructure costs
The cost of only the resource used
Safety first

In our approach to cloud solutions, we use leading platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Thanks to this, we are able to adapt our solutions to the unique needs of each client and provide them with access to the best tools and resources available in the cloud. Cooperation with various platforms allows us flexibility and scalability, which are crucial for the effective use of cloud computing power.
Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Google Cloud

Digital product design


Together with our clients, in the ideation process, we create digital products of the future by generating, expanding and testing ideas. Thanks to design thinking, we focus on the real needs of the user. Thanks to this, at a very early stage we are able to create a useful and desirable software project, and not another non-functional solution.

Design UI/UX

Interface and user experience design is another area we work on together with our clients. The ergonomics of the solution are not only about a nice and transparent user interface. It is, above all, software that weaves itself into the activities performed by users as naturally as possible.


Creating prototypes and mock-ups of solutions is the final stage of ideation. We don't have to create complete software to validate business goals and values. Using the lean development approach, we build the minimum functional scope needed for the prototype to operate and, together with our clients, check whether the assumptions are correct.


Setting ambitious design goals is a very bold approach. However, it is even more courageous to determine the minimum functional scope that will allow you to verify the validity of the assumptions. Therefore, together with our clients, we build MVP variants of expected solutions to rationalize the budget involved in comparison with the business benefits.

Migration of existing legacy solutions


Every day we integrate our solutions with many existing programs. We do it in different ways. Wherever possible, we focus on documented communication using dedicated protocols. When this is not possible, we look for alternative solutions that will automate our clients' processes and allow for unlimited integration.


We migrate existing software to any new dimension. We change the platform, database, migrate to the cloud, and even transfer from other technology stacks.


For clients who have their own software and infrastructure, we conduct an audit to find the optimal path to the next step. We consider many aspects related to data security, performance, scalability and development possibilities. In addition, we indicate threats and limitations, and most importantly, at the end we indicate possible development paths.

Moving to web

Our clients unanimously stated that the biggest limitation of existing solutions is their availability and attachment to one selected platform. Therefore, regardless of whether we are dealing with desktop or console software, we transfer such solutions into applications that work and are available from a browser.

Sectors of our solutions



Digital solutions for the financial industry with an emphasis on security and speed of transactions.


Industry and production

Planning, monitoring and optimization of production and industrial processes in a multidimensional approach.

flying car-plain

Health, beauty and HoReCa

Booking appointments, documentation, digital files or online and onsite orders.


Transport and logistics

Sea, land and air freight management and tracking.

aveneo is a...

Microsoft .NET & ReactJS

A homogeneous technological stack based on a corporate solution from Microsoft is a guarantee of a reliable solution.


Our SDK is a collection of solutions and components that are the legacy of our experience. Thanks to this, we focus on business processes, not reinventing the wheel.

Full transparency

Our process is fully transparent for our clients - the team works with clients using the same tools, without any restrictions.

Ready solution and source code

Our clients receive not only a ready-made solution, but above all the source code, which increases project security and gives a sense of maximum trust.


We contractually transfer proprietary copyrights to each solution delivered to our clients. We do not want to limit our clients' business. We want to develop it.

Code manufacturing

Our code is created entirely internally in teams whose members have known and worked together for years. This is not a random puzzle.

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  • What is dedicated software?

    Dedicated software is a solution created specifically for the specific needs and requirements of a given client. It is tailored to unique business processes and can provide greater efficiency than off-the-shelf products.

  • Why is it worth choosing dedicated software instead of ready-made solutions?

    Dedicated software is designed for individual customer requirements, which means that it fits perfectly into existing processes. Ready-made solutions can be limited in customization and do not always meet all needs.

  • What benefits can I get thanks to dedicated software?

    Dedicated software can improve efficiency, automate processes, increase control over data, improve scalability and adapt to the changing needs of the company.

  • How is the process of creating dedicated software?

    The process typically includes requirements analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and eventual customization. It is important that the client is involved at every stage to ensure compliance with expectations.

  • How long does it take to create dedicated software?

    The development time depends on the complexity of the project, the scope of functionality and the availability of resources. The process can take from several weeks to several months.

  • Is it possible to predict what benefits I will achieve thanks to the introduction of dedicated software?

    Predicting the exact benefits can be difficult, but we can provide an analysis of the potential effects, such as time savings, increased efficiency, and better process control.