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Welcome to aveneo, the first software house of its kind, offering a comprehensive package of affiliate software modules. Our unique solutions, including primarily the cashback platform, discount coupons platform, referral program platform, product comparison websites, crowdfunding platform or our own affiliate network, are a great investment perspective in tools that will provide an unparalleled rate of return and constant, growing, passive income.

Basic affiliate modules

Cashback Platform / Moneyback platform

Deep integration with many affiliate networks allows you to run a platform with a constant increase in the number of users and transactions.

Coupon Codes Platform

Providing discount codes to users allows for a continuous increase in their involvement and the simultaneous use of affiliation as a business model.

Referral programs

Command programs build a stronger bond between users and the platform than any other tool.

Products Deals Search Platform

By giving users the opportunity to reach the best product offers, we can receive all the affiliate business benefits.

Crowdfunding Platform

Allowing you to support content creators allows you to get a share of the profits and mutually accelerate scaling.

Dedicated Affiliate Network

Own affiliate network is an opportunity to build close partnerships with selected suppliers of goods and services and concurrent development.

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Cashback Platform / Moneyback Platform


The Cashback platform created by aveneo is a comprehensive fintech solution. Integration with dozens of popular affiliate networks allows you to create an extensive database of affiliate links leading both to stores and service providers, as well as to specific products or promotions.

Launching your own cashback platform is an investment that, with appropriate marketing activities, will pay off in a relatively short time.

Tracking the correctness of the transaction is carried out on many levels, also with the use of plug-ins for popular web browsers.

The best affiliate provider (affiliate network) is selected automatically based on the rules defined by the operator of the cashback platform - e.g. the highest return value or prioritization of networks based on the speed of transaction settlement.

The transactions themselves are also settled with users in an automated manner, almost in real time in relation to the registration of transactions by affiliate networks. The selection of the settlement strategy takes place, similarly to the selection of the network, on the basis of the rules set by the platform operator - the profit can be divided, e.g. in the proportion of 60:40, but it can also be fully transferred to the user, and even rewarded with additional funds under current promotions.

All marketing and promotional activities may operate according to the rules specified by the operators - on selected days of the week, hourly intervals, or until the funds allocated for a given promotion are exhausted.

It is therefore a comprehensive solution that allows for almost unlimited marketing activities, giving benefits to both platform operators and end users who want to save money while shopping online.

A dynamic and continuous source of income - customers love to save money, and the cashback platform ensures continuous transactions, thereby assuring a consistent stream of revenue.
Increased customer loyalty - the more your customers save, the more they'll return, driving long-term profits.
Competitive advantage - offering cashback rewards puts your business ahead of competitors not capitalizing on this effective incentive.
Scalability - as your customer base grows, so does your revenue. It’s a win-win with our cashback platform.

Coupon Codes Platform

The discount code platform is the second tool that allows you to generate passive income based on affiliation.

Discount codes are aggregated and obtained in an automated manner. Thanks to the involvement of users in the entire process, we increase the credibility of the solution and allow for quick verification of the correctness of the codes. Users, apart from the motivation resulting from savings based on discount coupons, may be rewarded with additional funds resulting from the affiliation of other users who have used the codes they added.

A dedicated browser plug-in allows you to automate entering discount codes on subpages of affiliated stores and service providers. It is also an additional tool to verify whether the user has reached the destination using our affiliate links, which is especially important to correctly register the transaction in the partner affiliate network.

Boosted sales - attractive deals encourage more transactions, generating increased profits.
Customer acquisition - enticing coupon codes lure new customers, expanding your revenue-generating base.
Superior over competitors - a coupon code system helps you outshine competitors and capture more market share.
Easily scalable - the platform is designed to handle an increasing number of transactions without compromising performance or profits.

Referral programs

The use of the referral mechanism is a perfect complement to each of the tools based on affiliation. It is a powerful marketing tool that engages users to generate growth in users and transactions.

Our tools for referral programs allow you to build extensive rules for passing referrals. So, regardless of whether we want to register and reward only new user registrations from referral links as referrals, or build extensive rules for counting promotions, we can always precisely track the stage of each referral.

So, regardless of whether you would like to have a cashback platform, a discount codes platform, a product comparison site or all at once, a command generating tool will be an indispensable word of mouth marketing solution.

Dedicated referral programs are also used in other areas of the market, where our clients are looking for ways to increase user involvement in increasing the popularity of the solution.

Multiple streams of income - enjoy income from various deals, ensuring a well-diversified and resilient revenue stream.
Stay ahead of the competition - being able to quickly and easily access the best deals keeps you one step ahead of other market players.
Wider customer base - an extensive range of promotions attracts a broad array of customers, bolstering your income.
Ready to grow - the platform's ability to manage numerous deals simultaneously means you're well-placed to scale.

Products Deals Search Platform

Product comparison websites are another branch of the affiliate market. Users looking for the best prices want to build an internal awareness that they always buy at the best price.

The biggest challenge for a product comparison engine is having an extensive product database and integration with stores, in order to always have up-to-date data on prices and item availability.

This is a gigantic amount of data resulting from many millions of products, which must be refreshed almost constantly. Our solution optimizes the need to scale the infrastructure to the minimum necessary. We download several million products in minutes. Then we process them almost instantly, searching only for data that has changed. All this to relieve the databases as much as possible and speed up the updating of products that have been updated.

It should be remembered that in the end, each transfer to the online store is, of course, affiliate and monetization of investments in the product comparison engine.

Attract and retain customers - compelling product deals keep customers coming back, bolstering revenue.
Outperform competitors - having the best product deals gives you a clear edge over competitors.
Ongoing income - frequent product deals mean continuous transactions, translating to steady revenue.
Primed for growth - the platform can handle an expanding number of product deals, ensuring your revenue can grow with it.

Crowdfunding Platform

Among our implementations of crowdfunding websites, two main types of such platforms should be distinguished: websites organizing collections/support and websites with paid access to content.

Although at first glance these websites may seem extremely different, their goal is the same - collecting and settling funds from users with artists or people in need. So, regardless of whether we want to get a charity platform, a platform supporting artists or share our content after paying a fee, we are talking about a crowdfunding platform.

The key element is integration with trusted providers of online payment services, and then precise settlement of payments in the transaction system and enabling users to make withdrawals.

We implement multidimensional protection of content in order to protect the content of artists as much as possible, for which they want to raise funds from their fans each time. We have solutions for this, whether we are talking about photos, movies, music or the written word.

Profit from passion - investing in content creators' projects leads to significant financial returns.
Stay competitive - crowdfunding is a growing trend; get in on the ground floor and stay ahead of the curve.
Generate income - the more projects funded, the more revenue created.
Scalable - as more projects get funded, your profits grow.

Dedicated Affiliate Network

We also provide our own dedicated affiliate networks. Wherever we want to track sales and their sources, our own affiliate network can be a marketing tool that will not generate additional costs and the need to share the commission with an external entity.

Although this is a technological challenge due to the growing security in browsers that make it difficult to track the source of traffic on integrated pages, we have experience with it using an unconventional approach.

However, it should be remembered that creating your own affiliate network is not a one-time investment, because it requires constant maintenance and checking the correctness of operation. In this case, we suggest creating a dedicated team to maintain the solution over time.

Steady revenue - regular transactions from connected online shops ensure a continuous stream of income.
Gain an edge - having a direct line to online shops gives you a distinct competitive advantage.
Income multiplier - the more shops you connect with, the higher your revenue.
Ready for expansion - the network is built to accommodate growth, ensuring your profits can grow with it.

Marketing tools

The following tools are just some of the integrations that make tracking marketing activities, conversion measurement or other statistical tasks simple and transparent. You can say that this is our standard and minimum program.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Meta Pixel
Meta Pixel
Measurement Protocol
Measurement Protocol

Our software technology stack



Microsoft .NET is widely regarded as one of the best platforms for custom software development, especially in production environments. Its versatility, performance and extensive structure make it an excellent choice for building robust and scalable applications.



aveneo.SDK stands out as the best modular SDK for custom software development due to its outstanding features, versatility and developer-friendly design. Thanks to powerful capabilities and a wide range of modules, Aveneo.SDK offers a comprehensive solution for creating highly customized and efficient applications.



ReactJS has become the leading framework for front-end development, making it a great choice for custom software development in production environments. With numerous advantages and an extensive ecosystem, ReactJS offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and performance for building high-quality front-end applications.

The Profit Powerhouse for Affiliate Marketing

Yours Custom Affiliate Software

Affiliate solutions are one of the most popular ways to generate passive income online. Creating an affiliate platform is an investment that pays off in a relatively short time, and then generates an easily scalable income with appropriate marketing activities. aveneo is a reliable technological partner for this type of venture, because it has extensive experience in this area of the market, from commercial cashback platforms, discount coupon platforms to dedicated affiliate networks and crowdfunding platforms. We make IT better.

Tight and effective affiliation.
Browsers plugins to provide best user experience.
Almost real-time sales tracking.
Near zero latency for account balancing.
Moneyback is win:win solution.
High income with low operation cost.
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