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As an experienced software house, we know that innovation is the basis of effective applications. Discover the advantages it brings to your company and customers.

We specialize in applications .NET

During the implementation of our projects, the .NET framework developed dynamically. Initially released as a classic framework, it provided us with tools for creating Windows and web applications. However, over time, .NET has evolved into a comprehensive platform, offering innovative solutions across platforms. With the introduction of .NET Core, this technology has undergone a significant revolution. .NET Core has become more modular, lightweight and flexible, enabling applications to be built on both Windows, macOS and open-source platforms such as Linux.


Then .NET 5 was born, which consolidated .NET Core and .NET Framework into one coherent solution. This unified approach has brought us even greater efficiency, speed and compatibility in creating applications on all platforms. Today we have .NET 8 and a further vision of development. .NET 8 continues the tradition of innovative improvements, giving access to advanced tools and technologies. It works closely with various programming languages and offers tools for building various applications - from traditional desktop to cloud, mobile and Internet. Not only technical evolution, but also a rich community .NET, educational resources and support from Microsoft make it an excellent choice for software developers of all levels of advancement..NET offers tools tailored to our needs, ensuring efficiency, scalability and innovation at every stage creating applications.

One of our .NET/fullstack teams will be available in late Q2 2024!

How an application is created in technology .NET

Creating applications in the .NET environment is a comprehensive process that combines advanced tools, creativity and thoroughness. From concept through design to final implementation, .NET technology offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. We develop dedicated applications, and the process of creating the entire application is presented on a separate subpage. There you will find information about cooperation, other technologies used with .NET and the types of applications we specialize in. We also explain step by step what our cooperation can look like.

Advantages of using .NET

The use of technology contributes to the creation of modern, efficient and safe applications. It's a strategy that accelerates growth and success in today's dynamic digital environment

Exceptional Performance

.NET technology delivers excellent performance thanks to code optimization and efficient tools. This translates into faster application performance, which translates into user satisfaction and the attractiveness of the website in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

Scalability and Flexibility

.NET offers extensive application scaling capabilities, which allows customers to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements. This has a positive impact on the long-term development strategy and user interest rates.

High Level Security

.NET offers extensive application scaling capabilities, which allows customers to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements. This has a positive impact on the long-term development strategy and user interest rates.

Rich tools and libraries

.NET offers an extensive collection of tools and libraries that speed up the application development process. This reduces design and implementation time, allowing customers to quickly bring their solutions to market.

Community Support and Documentation

.NET has an extensive programming community and extensive documentation. This means that our customers can always count on support and quick solutions to problems.


.NET allows you to create applications that can run on various platforms, such as Windows, Linux or macOS. This opens the door to a larger number of users and positively affects the application's reach in search results.

A team of experts, consisting of .NET and full-stack .NET.NET developers, working in an agile way, will deliver specific results in short cycles, developing your software.

Engage a dedicated team from .NET to start the project quickly and save on recruitment and training costs, while ensuring high quality of workmanship as well as flexibility and scalability tailored to the project's needs. The team consists of experienced programmers, offering full control over the project and constant contact, providing comprehensive IT support.

Projects using .NET

View specific examples of applications built using .NET. See what innovative projects can be implemented using the full potential of this technology.

Industry and production
Profesjonalna Drukarnia Opakowań

Integrated production software was developed for the Profesjonalna Packaging Printing House, combining ERP, CRM, CMMS, MES, QMS and WMS functions. The system supports production in the spirit of Industry 4.0, automating and optimizing processes, including: through monitoring of machines and finished products, precise cost calculations and advanced production planning.

Planet Plus - cashback platform

The project implemented by aveneo is a completely new version of the leading Polish cashback platform. It is distinguished by high efficiency, transaction security, modern design and scalability. Applications include: multi-threaded transaction processing, microservices and multiple parallelized databases provide a best-in-class solution, ready for infinite scale. The platform also takes care of users' privacy and security, including: communication encryption, module sandboxing and external authentication mechanisms. Smooth data migration from the previous version and integration with thousands of stores and millions of products make it remain a market leader.

.NET in combination with other technologies

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