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We can allocate a compete team for your project. In this model, we deliver accelerated time-to-market advantage, which is a good solution for a long-standing relationship and long-term projects. It does however require managerial experience and technical background.

Full stack team for project purposes

Dedicated team

We work exclusively on your project from our office. You have a full access to our team members, which is a typical scenario for our projects. It’s the most cost-efficient possibility, as we choose competences needed for your solution. We agree on occasional meetings in your offices if it’s needed for a better understanding of your environment. You do not need to worry about the recruitment process, agreements or contracts. This is a great choice, whether you want to build a small solution or a large and scalable platform. Please note, that the team in this model can also provide you with support after deployment.

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Full stack team on board

In dedicated team we provide full stack team members, depending on project needs. We choose best professionals, that knows each athor and love to cooperate.


A team will provide you with a full spectrum of competences needed to transform the project from an idea to a ready for market product. This means, that there are not technical requirements from your side. Our team can also work with remote graphic designers, UI/UX team and SEO partners.

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Unlimited team members access

Our team is fully at your disposal. This means, that we provide transparent communication which each team member. You will know the role of every team member and can contact the right person without any delay. We can also provide SPoC if that’s what you prefer.

Strengthen your team with capacity

When you are in a crunch you know how important your team capacity is. We can offer help and extend that capacity on demand, starting from the next sprint. This solution adjusts to your needs.

Our team members in your team

Hybrid team

Our team members working alongside your team. We participate in your agile process. When you need elevating competences, capacity or just want to skip the complicated and long process of recruitment. You can take full advantage of our know-how and experience. Merging teams is the best way to improve quality and performance of any project.

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Add competences to your team

Sometimes you need to create a module in technology, which is uncommon or challenging for you. We can help with that by providing a full know-how of our team, therefore accelerating your solution.

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Available on request

The best thing about this model of cooperation is our flexibility. We are available on request, whenever you need.

Team for your needs in your company

An exclusive and ready to relocate team

We can build a fully qualified team, which matches your needs. This solution works great for companies which aim at continuously developing solitons in-house, where outsourcing or using a remote team is not an option. We will act like a HR company, but what makes us different is our full technical knowledge. We have plenty of connections and only recruit professionals. This process might take a while, but rest assured it will end in success.

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