Use the potential of precise production calculations to make the best offers to your customers. Your dedicated customer relationship management software from aveneo.

Are you trying to submit precise offers, but the forecast margin is not always consistent with your profit? Does it take a lot of time to offer customers, especially when the customer asks about further production variants? When one of your salespeople becomes absent, is it difficult to replace him?

CRM - Customer relationship management software

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system plays a key role in the effective management of customer relationships. It allows you to collect customer data, history of interactions, orders and offers. But it is not everything...

Would you like to talk about managing relationships with your customers?'s more than CRM - it's the entire UX of your customers!


The basis for establishing and maintaining relationships with customers is communication. By providing a dedicated panel for customers, you can create a transparent communication channel that will allow you to respond immediately to their needs and maintain communication at the highest level. Automating processes and maintaining a complete history of interactions also relieves the burden on the sales department, which can focus on using the production calculator and the technological process of ETO inquiries.

Customers can send requests for quotation, which will then be subjected to production calculations. In response, customers will receive an offer that they can accept and place an order entirely online, and then track production progress and receive settlement and quality documents. The whole thing is complemented by the logistics part, which will provide information about notification and allow you to plan the delivery of the finished product.



We are not reinventing the wheel. Customer data is often stored in existing ERP and/or CRM systems, with which we fully integrate and do not duplicate their functionality. Our primary goal is to incorporate the process of bidding and pre- and post-production calculations into the production process in order to maximize the margin and minimize the unknowns in production costs. We also integrate accounting software to settle production.

Sales and offers

Creating personalized production offers is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Minor changes in the design or volumetric changes may result in the need to make further calculations and create new offers. Taking into account the variability characteristics of ETO production, we model the technological route, price individual stages, and then send an offer to the client for various volume variants.

Post-production service

The customer panel also allows you to provide a range of additional production information, such as quality documents, shipment notification and product traceability. It is also a good place to handle complaints or accept repeat orders for previously completed productions. From the point of view of the production company, it is also crucial that the data recorded during production feeds the pre-production calculator for future offers in order to make the offers and margin as realistic as possible.

Example functionalities of the sales module

Consistent customer base
Consistent customer base

Storing customer information includes not only contact details, but primarily production history. Thanks to archival data on completed orders, we can recreate production processes, repeat them, trace the history of products or return to pre-production samples.

Precise production calculations
Precise production calculations

Quickly creating a process route for a customer's inquiry allows you to precisely estimate costs at each stage. Thanks to the route sequence, we are able to determine production waste and adjust the required amounts of raw materials to the expected amount of the final product by analyzing the process from the end. It is also possible to calculate production costs in detail and indicate the real margin.

Offers for various parameters and volumes
Offers for various parameters and volumes

Minor changes in the query, such as production volume, are very time-consuming when building an offer. By taking this aspect into account, we can make quick calculations for many different variants and production volumes and quickly send the offer to the customer.

Automatic recalculation of offers
Automatic recalculation of offers

Changes in raw material prices, energy costs, man-hour costs and fluctuations in currency markets are just some of the factors that may cause calculations and offers to become outdated and require recalculation. Automatic recalculation of offers allows you to update prices and rates, leaving profit and margin in a safe area, without unnecessary risk.

Labels according to customer requirements
Labels according to customer requirements

Thanks to the built-in label management and design tool, each customer can provide their own labels that they want to use at particular stages of production. It does not matter whether the templates concern the marking of a product, batches, packaging, pallets or technical documentation.


Thanks to integration with the Central European Bank, the conversion of calculations into selected currencies is always based on the current, latest exchange rate. The process can be focused on calculations using the base currency and converting the ready offer into the target currency, or on performing a full calculation based on components in selected currencies, taking into account, for example, the purchase of raw materials from various currency markets.

Automatic creation of production processes
Automatic creation of production processes

Already at the offer stage, a preliminary route of production processes is created. By choosing the right production path, we can assume that each of the subsequent steps will constitute a process that will be supplied with the necessary raw materials and components in the future, and will also be planned at a time and place on the production line.

Customer panel: inquiries, offers and orders
Customer panel: inquiries, offers and orders

By giving customers access to the panel, we give them a powerful tool. Using it, they can send designs, which we will then subject to production calculations and prepare an offer. After receiving it, customers have the option of accepting it, which will be equivalent to placing an order or rejecting it. Price negotiation? Date of maturity? No problem!

Customer panel: monitoring production progress
Customer panel: monitoring production progress

The panel allows the customer to track the production progress of the placed order, ensuring transparency of the production process and current information about the implementation status. This does not mean that we have to share all production data, but we can create awareness of progress and provide a sense of comfort and security.

Customer panel: delivery logistics
Customer panel: delivery logistics

Better organization and coordination of the delivery process by monitoring the production status and reporting readiness to receive deliveries of ordered products. Pre-administration of the contents of individual batches and series, pallet reports and other documents that may be helpful to customers.

Customer panel: helpdesk
Customer panel: helpdesk

The customer can contact the service via the helpdesk module, where he can communicate with the service team. In addition, you can report quality problems or submit comments, for example regarding your order. One consistent place of communication where each department can respond and influence good relations.

Good to know

The presented solution is only a demonstration of aveneo's technological capabilities. Our mission is to provide dedicated software (created together with and for our clients) that will be fully adapted and optimized to the operating model and business processes, and not to offer a ready-made, universal product that will require a number of compromises.

Additional benefits

Accurate pre-production calculations by including precise cost analysis for each stage of the process.

Lean warehouse stocks thanks to precise monitoring of delivery dates.

Viewing the order status in the customer panel saves time and improves the comfort of use.

Monitor production progress in real time.

View details of the pre-production calculation, divided into individual processes, raw materials and other elements affecting the price.

Automatically improve the accuracy of pre-production calculator parameters using production parameters and job execution reports.

Optimized use of resources thanks to full control of the load on production stations.

Improved timeliness thanks to an organized and realistic production plan.

Flexibility to change customer needs thanks to simple and immediate plan modifications.

Simplifying communication with the customer using the customer panel and helpdesk facilitates the quick and effective transfer of information.

Multi-currency support in the pre-production calculator allows you to present production costs to customers from different regions.

Planning of multiple stations and production locations without additional work.

Ready to talk about managing your customer relationships?

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Monitor and control your manufacturing processes in real-time for improved efficiency.

Material Requirements Plan (MRP)

Seamlessly manage energy demand to reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Ensure product quality and compliance with robust quality control processes.

Document Managemenet System (DMS)

Ensure safe document circulation. Design your own document acceptance rules to maintain full compliance with your own procedures.

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  • We already have a sales management tool and we don't necessarily want to change it. However, we care about providing our clients with precise offers. Is it possible?

    Of course. Our goal is not to provide CRM software in the context of contact management or communication history, although of course we can also create such software. The key values of CRM software for production are data centralization by integrating existing solutions, precise generation of production offers consistent with the process route and the ability to provide a customer panel that will be used for further communication. Offers prepared in this way can also be sent back to your CRM software.

  • Can we use the customer panel to exchange other data?

    Yes. The customer panel may strive to replace communication carried out, for example, by e-mail. Our clients often provide billing documents, quality documents, user manuals or product labels in the customer panel.

  • I am afraid that the customer panel may contain data that we do not necessarily want to share with our clients.

    When designing the solution, we indicate exactly what data we want to share with customers. We understand that process transparency does not always have to be beneficial, especially from a sales point of view. For data security, the customer panel is a separate solution that has its own, independent database, and data is exchanged with the production software and the rest of the system in strictly controlled conditions.

  • We calculate production costs by averaging many data. Why should we calculate each product and process separately?

    The average calculation does not allow revealing the real production volume. It averages all costs across all customer orders and gives you awareness of only the global margin. It often happens that production processes have extremely different margins and only the volume of each of them determines whether and how profitable production will be in a given time window. Calculating each order individually increases cost awareness and allows you to make sustainable decisions.

  • Many variables appear in our production calculations - raw material prices, currency market fluctuations, component availability. Can the calculator take into account such parameters?

    Of course. Awareness of the factors influencing cost and production possibilities is crucial to preparing precise calculations. Therefore, it is crucial to define the appropriate algorithm and then regularly recalculate offers, including contracted ones. This allows you to calculate the profitability of production on an ongoing basis and sign only contracts that are profitable.