We respect your privacy, copyright protection and data you may wish to share with us. Therefore, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement before sending the brief and before the first meeting.

Project brief

Do not attach particular importance to the form - we will define precise requirements together. Thanks to briefs, we are able to better prepare for the first meeting, to which we will invite people whose experience will best understand your needs. If your project concerns the entire organization, it can be a diagram showing individual departments, relationships between them and the flow of information.


A precise valuation is a complex and multi-stage process. In order to prepare it reliably, we must perform a detailed analysis in the course of design work. The project implementation model, where the budget is set before the start of the project (fixed-price) is called waterfall.

For projects with high complexity and a wide functional spectrum, the agile approach works much better. Before starting cooperation, we only estimate the costs, and thanks to full transparency during project implementation it is easy to control the budget of individual areas. Settlements are based on the actual resource used (time&material), and there is no need to carry out an extensive analysis at the beginning of the project.

Let's talk about your project!

When attaching a description of your project remember - the more details you provide us with the better as we’ll be able to properly get ready for our first meeting.
Project brief
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