Who we are? aveneo - software company

At aveneo, we deal with the creation of dedicated software. Our mission is to fill the gap between the software needs of enterprises and corporations and existing solutions. For over 15 years, we have been successfully developing digital products from ideation to ready implementations, providing advice and experience at every stage. We bring non-tech customers as close to technology as possible.

We analyze and advise

Analytics, optimization of business processes, audit of existing IT solutions, technological expertise, selection of IT solutions, preparation of documentation, mock-ups, validation of ideas, analysis of existing IT infrastructure, valuation of IT projects, defining the product vision, product research, user analytics, ideation, design, mock-up , testing and validation, UI/UX design, design workshops, prototyping.

We create software

Business analysis, requirements specification, ui/ux design, agile methodologies, cross-platform, clean code, scalable solution, multi-layer architecture, latest technologies, frontend development, backend development, mobile development, high availability, scalability, CI/CD, MVP, MMP, development existing solutions, migrating solutions, code audit, moving solutions to the web, IT integration, scaling solutions, taking over code maintenance, refactoring, software modifications, dedicated team of programmers, dedicated developer, IT services, project teams, body leasing, team extension, administrators and devops.

We implement and maintain

IT infrastructure maintenance, SLA, IT support agreements, IT infrastructure monitoring, IT infrastructure audit, IT infrastructure migrations, implementation of IT solutions, helpdesk, security audit, penetration tests, IT infrastructure protection, Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, cloud computing, migrations to the cloud, scalability, management of cloud solutions, management of cloud services, maintenance of cloud solutions, digital transformation.

We transform even the most sophisticated business ideas into ergonomic foolproof IT solutions.


We invite you to a process, which is completely transparent, on every level.

  • We give full access to our internal tools at the same level as our team has.
  • Simple, clean and efficient development process.
  • Dedicated communication channels.
  • Everyday reports with full resources statistics.


We know, that the success of our solutions is in the success of your business.

  • 30 days trial agreement, when you can leave without giving a reason.
  • Free proof of concept made by our team to proove our competences.
  • Regular project meetings.
  • Support agreement with ultra short response time.


Deployment of our project is just the beginning of our journey to a long-term cooperation.

  • NDA always as step "0".
  • Our internal privacy standards protects data and processes of our clients.
  • We transfer ownership of the code that has been created for our clients.
  • All critical nodes of our processes are regularly and safely backed up.


Even building prototypes or MVP needs to be a result of seeing the full picture.

  • Strong standards to ensure code and solution quality..
  • Advanced code flow with multi-level code review and QA.
  • Internal agile methodology.
  • Fast adaptation to design changes.
aveneo software house

Sectors of our solutions



Digital solutions for the financial industry with an emphasis on security and speed of transactions.


Industry and production

Planning, monitoring and optimization of production and industrial processes in a multidimensional approach.

flying car-plain

Health, beauty and HoReCa

Booking appointments, documentation, digital files or online and onsite orders.


Transport and logistics

Sea, land and air freight management and tracking.

Our software technology stack



Microsoft .NET is widely regarded as one of the best platforms for custom software development, especially in production environments. Its versatility, performance and extensive structure make it an excellent choice for building robust and scalable applications.



aveneo.SDK stands out as the best modular SDK for custom software development due to its outstanding features, versatility and developer-friendly design. Thanks to powerful capabilities and a wide range of modules, Aveneo.SDK offers a comprehensive solution for creating highly customized and efficient applications.



ReactJS has become the leading framework for front-end development, making it a great choice for custom software development in production environments. With numerous advantages and an extensive ecosystem, ReactJS offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and performance for building high-quality front-end applications.

Others say "We give the customer what he wants!". But that's not our approach. Our task is to determine what the client will want and need before he wants it.

Dawid Morzyński

"I deal with the idea of ​​digital products of the future. Technological experience allows me to break barriers that seemingly create limitations."

Maciej Czyżak

"I am an analyst and project manager. I translate the needs of our clients into the language of programmers by designing new solutions and defining the vision of development."

Milena Morzyńska

"I deal with internal coordination between departments and teams. I optimize internal processes to ensure maximum efficiency of aveneo."

They use our solutions

15 years

For 15 years we have been continuously providing the best solutions on the market.

5.0 Clutch

The average rating our solutions get from our customers.

185 Projects

Completed and implemented solutions that please users.

1 technology

No distractions, one key technology - Microsoft .NET.

Are you ready to talk about your project?
  • If you only know the need or problem to be addressed by the software, are you able to help?

    Our primary goal is not so much to provide software, but to actually address the needs and solve problems of our customers. Before we start creating a vision of the software's functionality together, we will conduct a deep analysis to reveal the needs. We will then prioritize them based on business values. We will also look for paths to optimize the operation of your business processes, not only from the perspective of the software itself.

  • I am afraid of problems when creating software resulting from my lack of substantive knowledge about this process. Is it right?

    For us, the key value in working with non-technology-savvy clients is to bring them as close to technology as possible. That's why we devote a lot of time and attention to carefully explaining each stage of the software development process. We also provide advice so that design decisions are fully conscious and based on understandable values.

  • I don't know how to manage the budget for software development. What to do?

    Many clients are afraid of disclosing the budget at the early stage of the project, believing that it will negatively affect the valuation of the project. This is the most common mistake and cause of frustration in the software development process. Really defining the budget allows you to look at functional needs from many perspectives. Being aware of the limited budget, we can look for more economical solutions that may not be fully satisfactory, but at this stage they will address the needs and will be sufficient. As the business value of the entire project increases, these areas may be developed, but this does not have to happen immediately. There are several proven solutions that allow for controlled budget management - we will present them and help you with this task as soon as we get to know each other.

  • Will software development using the agile methodology cause delays, blurred goals and increased costs?

    This is one of the most common concerns that arises at the early stage of talks about implementing a new project. In short: no. An agile approach to a project does not preclude setting clear goals and points on the timeline that are to be achieved. However, frequent and small design iterations allow you to obtain the desired functionalities faster with a reduced budget. The combination of lean development with continuous validation of requirements and assumptions perfectly verifies the previous needs analysis. In fact, the analysis progresses with the development of the project and naturally optimizes its scope by limiting unnecessary steps.

  • How do I know if you are technologically capable of working on my project?

    If our portfolio is not enough of an argument, we will be happy to present technological possibilities and talk about the challenges we have encountered over the years of working on other projects and how we found solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

  • What should our communication look like during the project?

    In communication with clients, we focus primarily on honesty, openness and transparency. This allows you to avoid understatements while building lasting, mutual trust.

  • How can we manage the project schedule so that it doesn't stretch over time?

    We look at each project on two scales - micro and macro. On a macro scale, we define milestones for modules and functional areas that we want to achieve in specific order and points on the project timeline. On a micro scale, we manage tasks in iterations no longer than 2 weeks, so we have full control over the implementation stage and can dynamically respond to emerging threats by e.g. increasing internal resources.

  • What if my users don't want to use the software we created together, or don't do it as intended?

    Implementation is not the last stage of the software development cycle at aveneo. We help with user training and training. We are the best partner for this because we know all the design assumptions and full mechanics of the delivered solution. This will guarantee satisfaction and understanding of the solution, and will also allow you to collect conclusions from users regarding potential optimizations and new functionalities.

  • How to reconcile the many different roles of software users without internal contradictions?

    For large projects, it is difficult to bring all stakeholders together at every meeting. It is completely natural for different departments to have mutually exclusive expectations. Our role is to collect all the needs and design a solution that will take into account all business processes and reconcile those that stand in opposition to each other into a coherent and logical whole.

  • I have serious concerns about whether the project will ultimately succeed. How to deal with it?

    This is completely normal! Every investment carries some risk. Depending on the source of the concern, additional levels of security should be implemented. For our part, we will try to find tools that will help you get rid of stress and guarantee the success of the project. For example, if concerns concern the functional scope, we suggest identifying the most valuable functionalities and building a small section of the software, and then validating the assumptions and checking in a real environment whether the solution is satisfactory.