Generative AI, based on advanced language models (LLM), is a type of artificial intelligence capable of creating authentic-looking data, text or images by generating new tokens based on patterns from a given set of content.

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In our software house, AI plays a very important role, especially in new projects


aveneo offers a wide range of services based on generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) using large language models (LLM), such as GPT-3 or GPT-4. Our solutions allow companies from various industries to automate tedious processes, create engaging content and generate innovative ideas.

Integration with various LLM models:

aveneo has experience in integration with various LLM models, which allows us to tailor the solution to the individual needs of the client. We can integrate with the client's existing systems such as CRM, ERP, e-commerce platforms, as well as with cloud AI platforms such as Google Cloud AI Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft aveneo AI. We also use OpenAI, CoPilot and Gemini for integration.

Selected applications of generative AI used in software created by our software house:

Automation of content generation: Creating product descriptions, blog articles, social media posts and even source codes.
Chatbots and virtual assistants: Building intelligent chatbots that can serve customers, answer questions and provide support.
Idea generation: Supporting the innovation process by generating new ideas for products, services, marketing campaigns and business strategies.
Machine Translation: Get accurate and fluent translations of texts in various languages.
Text summarization: Generate short and concise summaries of long and complex documents.
Data analysis: Use GenAI to discover hidden patterns and trends in data.
Assisted programming: Automate repetitive programming tasks and generate source code.

aveneo also has extensive experience in fine-tuning LLM algorithms to specific client needs. We provide advanced prompts that optimize model performance and ensure the best results. Additionally, we offer the possibility of supplying LLM with the client's own knowledge resources, which allows the creation of even more personalized and effective solutions.

If you would like to learn more about the Gen AI-based services we offer, please contact us. Our programmers and AI experts will be happy to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

The three key components that influence the quality of generative AI, according to our team of AI developers


Choosing the right generative artificial intelligence (LLM) model is a key element in ensuring high-quality generated content. LLM models like GPT are trained on huge datasets, allowing them to better understand context and produce more consistent and relevant texts. When choosing an LLM model for content generation, it is important to consider its ability to deal with a variety of topics while maintaining consistency and accuracy in statements. Additionally, it is also important to understand quality control mechanisms for generated content, such as filtering, rating and error correction mechanisms, to ensure that the content created is not only grammatically correct, but also substantively and socially relevant.

A body of learning knowledge

The effectiveness of generative artificial intelligence (AI) depends largely on the knowledge base used to train it, with larger and more diverse data sets leading to better results. The thematic and stylistic diversity of data sets allows AI models to better understand the context and create accurate and diverse content. However, it is necessary to ensure the balance and representativeness of data sets to avoid biases or false conclusions.


Prompt is a key element in generative AI because it defines the context and topic of the generated response. By carefully formulating the prompt, the user can influence the quality and accuracy of the answers, directing the model in a specific thematic direction and defining the expected style or tone of the statement. Therefore, a well-chosen prompt can significantly improve the quality of generated content, enabling more consistent and adequate answers.

What content can be generated using generative AI that we can use in joint IT projects?

Text ChatGPT, LLM GPT-3.5 model


Generative AI, especially in the context of text generation, is revolutionizing the way humans intervene in the information space. Their ability to synthesize authentic-looking content opens new horizons for both creators and audiences. By modeling linguistic and semantic patterns, these advanced systems learn from huge datasets, allowing them to generate high-quality texts. However, with the growing power of generative AI, there is also an urgent need to establish ethical guidelines to ensure that these tools serve social and creative purposes, while respecting privacy and the authenticity of information.

Prompt: Write a text about Gustave Eiffel who, as a leading designer of the aveneo team, a software company, designed the construction of the Eiffel Tower from code.

Graphics Microsoft CoPilot - DALL-E 3


Generative artificial intelligence, especially those focused on generating graphics, is a revolution in the field of visual creation. Their ability to create authentic-looking images opens up new opportunities for designers and artists, including in fashion. By analyzing patterns and aesthetics, these advanced systems learn from huge data sets, allowing them to generate high-quality images, including portraits of people. For example, fashion houses can use these technologies to create models of exceptional beauty that do not really exist but fully fit their vision of the collection and aesthetic. However, with the development of generative AI for creating graphics, it becomes necessary to establish an ethical framework to ensure that these tools are used in a socially responsible manner and with respect for copyright and diversity.

Prompt:A realistic black and white photo from the construction of the Eiffel Tower, taking into account the times and landscape of Paris in 1890 as well as its other architecture. Place the balloon.

OpenAI, Sora & DALL-E 3


Generative AI, especially those focused on graphics generation, is playing an important role in the film industry, opening the door to new visual possibilities. Their ability to create realistic images allows film producers to generate special effects and set designs with unprecedented precision. For example, these advanced technologies can be used to create visually impressive scenes that would previously have required huge budgets and time. However, with the increasing use of generative AI in film production, there is also a need to consider ethical issues such as the impact on employment in the film industry and the protection of intellectual property.

Prompt:A large orange octopus lies at the bottom of the ocean. Her arms are spread around her body and her eyes are closed. The octopus is unknowingly approached by a king crab crawling from behind a rock, its pincers clenched and ready to attack. The crab is brown and spiny, with long legs and antennae. The scene was captured from a wide angle, showing the vastness and depth of the ocean. The water is clear and blue, with sunlight penetrating through it. The shot is sharp and clear, with a high dynamic scale. The octopus and crab are in focus, while the background is slightly blurred, creating a depth of field effect.

ElevenLabs, Eleven Multilingual V2


Generative AI, especially those focused on sound generation, is bringing a revolution in audio in film and media production. Their ability to synthesize authentic-sounding speech allows them to replace traditional dubbing techniques, opening the way to a more effective and flexible process of creating audiovisual content. Using advanced algorithms, these generative AIs are able to generate speech in a variety of styles and tones, giving producers greater freedom to tailor dialogue to different scenarios and needs. However, with the increasing use of these technologies, issues also arise regarding the authenticity and intelligibility of the generated speech, as well as the protection of copyright and voice privacy.

Using generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the programming projects of our agile teams

AI Customer Service
AI Customer Service

Choose artificial intelligence and revolutionize customer service in your company! The AI chatbot not only effectively answers frequently asked questions and solves problems, but also uses the accumulated knowledge to direct customers to the right people in the support department or check the status of their requests. Additionally, it collects important feedback from customers, enabling continuous improvement of the customer service process. Thanks to the intelligent use of AI technology, the Customer Service Office becomes more effective and responsive to customer needs, which translates into a higher level of customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

AI bot product advisor
AI bot product advisor

With the help of an e-commerce assistant based on AI chatbot technology, online shopping will become easier and more enjoyable than ever before! An e-commerce assistant based on AI chatbot technology can effectively support customers in the product search process, answering questions and facilitating ordering. Additionally, the assistant can personalize product recommendations and offer individual discounts tailored to the customer's preferences. Using the potential of artificial intelligence, the e-commerce assistant represents a modern approach to online customer service, enabling quick and intuitive shopping.

AI bot support assistant
AI bot support assistant

Imagine a world where customers receive instant and perfect answers to their technical questions. A world where problems are solved immediately and customer frustration becomes a thing of the past. The AI-based technical assistant uses the wealth of data contained in user manuals and technical documentation, which enables it to provide accurate and quick answers to customer questions. By analyzing resources, the assistant is able not only to respond to typical queries, but also to solve more complicated technical problems that go beyond standard scenarios. This advanced functionality not only improves the efficiency of technical support, but also allows you to collect valuable feedback data from users, which can be used to further optimize the process.

AI chatbot for recruitment
AI chatbot for recruitment

An AI chatbot for the recruitment process is an innovative tool that not only enables the initial qualification of candidates based on specific criteria, but also effectively organizes and schedules job interviews, unlocking the potential to save time and human resources. Its advanced functions not only speed up the recruitment process, but also allow for the effective automation of many tasks related to recruiting talent, which provides significant support for HR departments, especially in the face of the growing number of applications and the complexity of recruitment processes.

AI chatbot for lead generation
AI chatbot for lead generation

Increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales department with an AI chatbot for lead generation. These intelligent tools automate the lead generation process by asking precise questions, identifying their needs and collecting key contact information. The AI chatbot automatically qualifies interlocutors using conversation history analysis, including keywords and previous interactions. It also assesses user engagement, time spent on the conversation, number of questions asked, and also recognizes user intentions and predicts the likelihood of conversion. Such automation saves your team's valuable time and streamlines the process of acquiring new leads.

(Chat)bot AI
(Chat)bot AI

Chatbots based on artificial intelligence operate thanks to advanced natural language processing algorithms, such as Language Learning Models (LLM), which enable the interpretation of text written by a human and the generation of responses in a logical manner and appropriate to the given context. Their basic feature is continuous availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling users to obtain immediate help or answers regardless of the time of day or night. Additionally, the ability to provide instant answers makes interactions with them not only quick, but also effective. Personalization of communication is another aspect that allows you to adjust the bot's behavior and conversation style to the nature of the task it is currently performing, which not only increases the effectiveness of the dialogue, but also engages users, generating positive emotions.

Knowledge base
Knowledge base

An AI bot, using a dedicated knowledge base, is a powerful tool that can effectively answer questions, provide advice and solve user problems. His ability to constantly update and adapt to new knowledge is a distinctive feature that translates into a quick and precise answer to complex questions and tasks. The knowledge pool may include a variety of content including technical manuals, product documentation, frequently asked questions, information about the company's organizational structure, travel guides, and training materials. Based on the collected knowledge, the chatbot will generate a response, precisely adapting it to the user's individual needs, which effectively increases the quality of interaction and improves the user experience.

Knowledge-based risk scoring and assessment
Knowledge-based risk scoring and assessment

Using defined rules and predictive models, chatbots are able to perform comprehensive risk analysis and provide customers with precise assessments and recommendations. Moreover, they can be integrated with various IT systems and databases, which allows them to access the necessary information and update knowledge in real time. Thanks to this, they can act as an effective tool supporting decision-making processes and optimizing business activities related to risk assessment and scoring. They provide invaluable assistance to financial institutions and enterprises operating in various economic sectors, enabling quick and precise analysis of financial and transaction data in order to identify potential risks and make accurate business decisions, which translates into increased operational efficiency, minimization of losses and increased customer confidence in the offered services. services.

Generating marketing content
Generating marketing content

In today's marketing strategies, AI-powered chatbots play a key role in generating high-quality content. The model uses complex algorithms operating on analytical data, including search statistics, current trends, analysis of customer behavior, demographic data, and recipients' reactions to previous content generated by the chatbot. These advanced tools not only interpret user commands, but also personalize responses, adapting them to the specificity of the topic, stylistic preferences and expected character. The content generated in this way can be used in various areas of marketing activities, including generating entries for blogs and websites, creating content for social media platforms, creating newsletters and marketing e-mails, as well as providing advertising content for dedicated promotional campaigns.

IT solutions assistant
IT solutions assistant

Thanks to advanced AI algorithms, the chatbot can interpret source code in various programming languages, analyze it in terms of syntax, structure and semantics, which allows it to propose specific solutions, suggest how to deal with the problem and provide tips on best practices. In addition, AI chatbots can support the testing area by creating tests, conducting them and generating test data, which contributes to increasing the efficiency of the application verification process. The chatbot can also help generate documentation by providing information on the technologies used, coding standards and creating documents describing the application's functionalities.

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Our sample projects

HoReCa - ordering to your place

The completed project is a comprehensive solution for catering establishments (restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, confectioneries, etc.). The system enables, among others: ordering to the table using QR codes and NFC tags, calling staff, splitting the bill, as well as takeaway and delivery orders. The service is accessed from a web browser, without the need to install the application.

Industry & IoT

The completed project is an intelligent IoT device that automatically sorts and compresses waste. Bin-e uses artificial intelligence to recognize waste and processes data in the cloud, ensuring convenient and easy waste management. Data processing in the cloud allows the profiling of neural networks for specific devices, which in turn increases their effectiveness. Every day, thousands of photos along with metadata are uploaded to the cloud, which feeds samples to train new versions of the network.

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