aveneo is a

software house

that delivers dedicated software solutions for your business.

Our development team transform even the most sophisticated business ideas into ergonomic fool proof IT solutions. We create cloud solutions, web applications and mobile apps. We build digital products of the future from scratch through prototypes to products available on the market.
aveneo software house

They use our solutions

Software development

Development of existing solutions, migration of solutions, code audit, migration desktop applications to web, IT systems integrations, solution scaling, code maintenance, code refactoring, software modifications, software extensions.

Custom software development

Business analysis, software requirements specification, ui/ux design, agile software development, cross-platform, clean code, scalable solution, multi-layer architecture, latest technologies, frontend development, backend development, mobile development, high availability, scalability, CI/CD, MVP, MMP.

Digital Product Design

Defining the product vision statement, product research, user analytics, ideation, design, mock-ups, verifications and validation testing, UI / UX design, design workshops, prototyping.

IT consulting

Analytics, business process optimization, IT audit of existing solutions, technological expertise, evaluation and selection of IT solutions, documentation process, mock-ups, validation of ideas, analysis of the existing IT infrastructure, valuation of IT projects.

Cloud Engineering

Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, cloud computing, migrations to the cloud, scalability, cloud solutions management, cloud services management, maintenance of cloud solutions, digital transformation.

Agile development teams on demand

Dedicated software development team, dedicated developers, IT services, project teams, body leasing, team extension, administrators and devops.

Quality assurance as a service

IT infrastructure maintenance, SLA, IT support agreements, monitoring IT infrastructure, IT infrastructure audit, migrations IT infrastructure, IT solutions development, helpdesk, security audit, penetration tests, IT infrastructure protection.

Development areas

Web applications

We build web solutions, services and applications shared in SAS model. Responsive solutions prepared for mobile usage with modern interface and great user experience. SPA for even better customer experience.


It's common for us to build uncommon solutions. We develop dedicated solutions using microservices, machine learning algorithms, cloud solutions, desktop applications, Internet of Things for devices.

Mobile apps

We use single codebase to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android and for Windows, macOS and Linux. We also provide more modern and cost efficienc solution like Progressive Web App.


Dedicated solutions

B2B & B2C

Industry & IoT


live streaming

Case study

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Technology stack



Microsoft .NET is strong base for multi-platform code, that is safe, scalable and efficient. All our backend solutions uses it and our backend developers loves it.



With React.js (JavaScript framework) our frontend developers build modern and beautiful-looking user interfaces working as progressive web applications.



Using .NET MAUI our development team creates native iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps in the same time using .NET code base. It's more cost efficient solution, than software development in Swift, Kotlin or Java.

Our Amazing Clients

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