PWA solutions

PWA (Progressive Web App) is an advanced technology that enables the creation of web applications that combine the features of websites and traditional mobile apps. With PWA, developers can design interactive user interfaces, providing both performance and flexibility, along with compatibility across various platforms and devices.

What is a PWA?

PWA represents a groundbreaking approach to web application development that combines the strengths of websites and traditional mobile applications. With PWA, developers have the ability to create applications that are accessible across various platforms and devices, eliminating the need to write separate versions for each operating system. This means that PWA applications run seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and computers, regardless of whether the user is on Android, iOS, Windows, or any other system.


Furthermore, PWA offers the performance and responsiveness typically associated with traditional mobile apps. Whether through WebAssembly technology or a server-based approach, PWA applications operate smoothly and enable interactive user interfaces. Additionally, PWA apps are easy to maintain and update, ensuring that users always have access to the latest versions. This approach to web app development opens up new possibilities for developers, removing barriers associated with different platforms and devices and allowing for the creation of consistent and efficient applications accessible to a broad audience.

One of our .NET/fullstack teams will be available in late Q2 2024!

Main features of PWA

High availability

PWAs work on various platforms and devices, which allows you to reach a wider audience.

Quick installation

Users do not need to download or install PWAs, which reduces application access time.

Data efficiency

PWAs use less data than traditional mobile apps, which is beneficial for users with a limited data plan.

High performance

PWAs offer a fast and smooth user experience, even on weaker devices.

Easy update

PWA updates are automatic and require no user interaction, giving you access to the latest features and fixes

Security and privacy

Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, PWAs ensure a secure and confidential application experience, which is important in today's online environment.

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