Next.js - Revolution in Web Application Development - Speed, Performance and Simplicity in One!

What is Next.Js?

Next.js is a framework for creating web applications in JavaScript or TypeScript, based on the Node.js environment. Its main goal is to enable developers to build modern websites with high performance and optimization. Next.js offers many advanced features, such as server-side rendering (SSR) and static page generation (SSG), which translates into faster page loading and better results for SEO.


The use of Next.js in web applications is wide and diverse. Thanks to built-in optimization mechanisms, it is possible to create websites with excellent performance and responsiveness, which is crucial for user behavior. Next.js works perfectly in e-commerce projects, blogs, news websites, social media applications and many other cases where loading speed and interactivity are important.

One of our .NET/fullstack teams will be available in late Q2 2024!

Main advantages of Next.js


Next.js generates search engine-friendly URLs and offers effective optimization methods, which translates into higher visibility in search results.


Thanks to the built-in optimization mechanisms, applications in Next.js load quickly, minimizing user waiting time.


Applications in Next.js can be easily scaled depending on growing needs, ensuring smooth operation even with higher traffic.


Built-in security and framework updates translate into a higher level of application and user data security.


Using the latest standards and technologies, applications in Next.js present a modern and attractive design.


The framework automatically performs optimizations such as on-demand page loading, which reduces loading times and improves efficiency.



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