Effective Transport and Logistics Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Effective tools for forwarders and drivers enabling tracking of orders, freight and vehicles, with minimal data transmission costs and full integration with the server system

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


(transport and logistics)

The forwarder panel has been prepared as a basic work tool for forwarders, providing a number of solutions enabling the management of orders, freight, means of transport and drivers. Additionally, it allows you to keep track of shipments and vehicles and sends instructions to them. The application for mobile devices is a basic work tool for drivers who use it to manage freight, send the current position of their vehicle and receive subsequent orders.

A special protocol has been prepared for mobile device communication, allowing for the transmission of a minimum amount of data to ensure minimization of costs when using packet data transmission while roaming. The whole is complemented by server-side services that provide notifications and data exchange in real time.

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