Innovative tools supporting building structures: a case study of S&DL Computing

Calculation automation and documentation management platform for efficiency in construction design

Web & Calculation

S&DL Computing


The Platform for Design and Implementation of Building Structures is a tool for automating calculations of structure loads and systematizing document circulation. The user can enter calculation orders into the system via a friendly form. The system service periodically asks about new tasks, processes the order in an external specialized application, and after performing the calculations, reports it to the user by e-mail. The calculation results are returned as a file and the order list is updated with the new status.

Every operation in the system is logged in the event list. The system allows you to manage companies and users in this company. Each user has access to the system's functionality depending on the authorization level. Document flow depends on the company and the user adding the document in private or public mode. Documents are stored in a secure, encrypted folder, divided into companies. The web platform is adapted to support multilingualism. This mechanism is fully automatic, carried out by translations from XML files as well as Google and Bing translator.

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