eService: Maintenance Platform for production - case study

Optimization of Industrial Equipment Management through the Service Contract Management System, Failure Diagnostics and Intelligent Submission of Service Orders.

B2C / Production (Maintenance)


(machine servicing)

The eService platform was created to optimize the management of free-standing multifunctional devices. The system is used to handle service contracts and allows you to administer the list of devices under the contract as well as the components included in the items. The customer can report a failure via the web panel, providing the error code, category and description of the failure. The mileage of devices is recorded using the counter reporting module. Reading the mileage of devices allows you to know about the consumption of parts of individual devices and control the status of toners.

The customer can order consumables using an intelligent form that, analyzing the history and status of notifications, suggests quantities for orders. Each activity within the website is an addition or modification of an order. The status of the order execution can be tracked and finalized after the order is completed. Service contracts contain detailed information and a list of devices they apply to. Each device has an operation history. The system provides access to accounting documents (invoices, corrections, etc.). The customer can edit their detailed data and manage their contact list. He also has access to the list of receivables.

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