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Dedicated software
Babyspot - maps

The completed project is a map platform dedicated to parents and guardians. It makes it easier to spend creative time with children by offering a search engine for interesting objects, a private profile with preferences and detailed descriptions of places on the map. A simple and intuitive user interface based on Google Maps makes babyspot easy to use and allows you to quickly find the perfect place to spend time together with your child.

Industry & IoT

The completed project is an intelligent IoT device that automatically sorts and compresses waste. Bin-e uses artificial intelligence to recognize waste and processes data in the cloud, ensuring convenient and easy waste management. Data processing in the cloud allows the profiling of neural networks for specific devices, which in turn increases their effectiveness. Every day, thousands of photos along with metadata are uploaded to the cloud, which feeds samples to train new versions of the network.

Goldeneye - financial solution

The completed project is a comprehensive financial platform dedicated to companies dealing in financing. It offers, among others: simple and transparent financing applications, automatic invoicing, effective debt recovery and advanced analytical tools. Goldeneye is distinguished by an intuitive user interface that streamlines business processes and ensures comfortable work even after many hours of use. The platform has already been implemented in several companies, further implementations are in the negotiation phase.

Education and Training

The completed project is a platform for recording and distributing custom audiobooks. The solution offers users a wide range of training content and the ability to purchase it anywhere, anytime. The solution was implemented both as a web service and as mobile applications for all available platforms (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS).

Electronic Document Workflow

The completed project is a document acceptance system providing full control over the flow and approval of documents. The system allows for creating an approval path for each type of document, defining stages and responsible persons. It allows specifying user groups that can or must approve a document. The system monitors company resources and automatically adds new documents to the database.

Custom Software
aveneo Dragonfly

The completed project is a module management system designed to improve the development of MVC-based applications in ASP.NET architecture. The system includes a basic content management module (CMS) with categories and language versions. It also offers complete user authentication with the ability to work in a selected company, department, or other context.

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