aveneo Dragonfly: A revolution in module management – a case study

How the Dragonfly Module Management System from aveneo Revolutionized the Design and Implementation of Functionalities on Websites, Providing Flexibility and Performance.

Module management system

aveneo Dragonfly


The basic feature is the ability to fragment the functionalities developed on the website, which allows not only to make the developed modules independent, but also to design them in parallel by different groups of developers. The final product (the implemented solution based on Dragonfly) allows you to fully move the installed modules between definable spaces on the website, adjust the individual layout of each page, as well as freely transfer data between modules and use mutually available functionalities and events.

User containers allow you to store computationally critical data closely related to the session on the server side (in memory) without the need to constantly synchronize cookies or use a database. Automatic synchronization of the above two provides complete freedom to program new functionalities.

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