Document Approval System (DAS): Transforming Document Flow

Streamline your company's document management with an electronic approval system, eliminating the need for paper binders and providing intuitive tracking, control and change history.

Document Approval System


(document workflow)

The Document Acceptance System (DAS) is a solution that improves the electronic circulation of documents in the company. It allows you to completely abandon paper files and time-consuming document circulation, replacing them with an intuitive and efficient system. It offers a number of features that improve document management. Documents can be added manually or automatically through integration with scanning systems and network catalogs. DAS provides tools that allow you to fully define acceptance schemes.

This allows you to create approval paths for each type of document, defining stages and responsible persons. The system also allows you to withdraw documents for re-verification, add comments and track the history of changes. Additionally, DAS includes a proprietary document viewer that runs in a web browser without the need to install additional plug-ins.

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