Integrated Business Solution for managing Products and business flows

Effective tools enabling tracking changes in products and their prices, managing documents, and creating any business flows with full integration with supplier systems.



(B2B & File repository)

Before implementing the Taurus project, we had three main goals: integrating multiple systems providing product information, providing a tool that allows for easy addition and modification of business flows, and creating a central system for storing documents. The provided solution allows for convenient handling of products from various suppliers, as well as quick import and update of prices based on dedicated integrations with external systems. The flow management panel allows you to manage actions and trigger them under the influence of specific actions.

Search engines, filters and dynamically loading elements provide users with convenience and efficiency at work. The Taurus project is a comprehensive programming solution based on ASP.NET MVC technology, using jQuery, MSSQL and Kendo UI, built on the Orchard platform. An advanced authorization handling mechanism allows for flexible adjustment of access to data and functionality, which translates into greater control over the system.

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