Microsoft Dynamics NAV: mobile commerce transformation – case study

Implementation of the e-Commerce Platform in Partnership with SEETECH for Effective Management of the Mobile Sales Network in B2B and B2C Models.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

eCommerce platform

(B2B & B2C)

More than 10 customized implementations! Solution create in close cooperation with SEETECH company to manage an advanced mobile sales network. Specially designed web-based interface allows sales representative to freely use the data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV in remote locations. Clear and user-friendly interface reduces the need for training sales representatives. The possibility of a professional presentation of products to customers increases the effectiveness of the sales network and creates a modern image of the company.

The impact of sales representatives on the sales process through electronic process of presenting offers allows for rapid, but controlled, sales requiring individual pricing decisions. Automatic notification system for sales representatives and final customers improves communication methods and relieves the sales division of part of the tasks, which consist of informing customers and representative about the statuses of various commercial operations. 24-hour availability of an electronic distribution system enables sales reps to work in the most convenient time for them, and the ability to communicate via the GSM network makes the system available from anywhere.

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